Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Give this Picture a Caption

Hey most of you gt to stay in the same school for awhile. So you should have better literary skills than me. Man I have heard too many accents as my parents have moved me from school to school throughout the country. I have learned not to write any "R"s because of my stay in Boston. I spell "whatar" from my stay in Brooklyn. Then there is "Yal" from my stay in Tennessee. You Army brats had it easier with all the paper work that they need to fill out before they move your parents. You got to stick around long enough to learn how to write the local language. My parents just off and go. That is the life of private software contractors.... So you should have no problem using your literary skills and come up with a caption for the picture below. The best caption wins a free ebook of my tales in Gibsonton Florida!

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