Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Cool Palces in America~Las Pozas

Well technically, this place is not in the United States, but it is still in North America. So I guess it still counts... Yep my parents once took a contract outside of the country. My friends on Snapchat thought we were nuts, but my Norwegian relatives go to Mexico all the time. Dumb Americans...

Edward James made his surreal vision of Paradise, right in the heart of Mexico. Located in the North of Mexico City, Las Pozas is a combination of nature and sculpture.  From natural pools to small waterfalls and a wide range of trees, flowers and plants decorate this fairy tale-like garden. It looks like if Dali's Destino was animated in a jungle instead of a desert.

From 1949 to 1984, the art collector and his guide, Plutarco Gastelum, gradually designed the garden. Over 35 years and $5 million Plutarco Gastelum prepared the jungle for the sculptures, James created columns, spiral stairs leading nowhere, doors made of stone, concrete flowers and other unique sculptures.It was paid for by Edward James selling his art collection at a private auction. Even Dali though this guy was nuts, but then look at his museum in St. Petersburg FLA...

A man’s endless passion for surrealism, his imagination and over 150 employees created this wonder of the world.  You can find it at Camino Paseo Las Pozas s/n, Barrio La Conchita, 79902 Xilitla, S.L.P., Mexico.


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